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    • just because there is not the fast and furious you would want to ruin it for all the other people who are watching here? have some human decency and dont be so extremely selfish. instead of watching movies become a better human being.

    • It is astonishing that you have the power to shut down the server but you don’t have enough brain access to links that work for you and you can watch your desired movie.

  1. Please upload never kiss your best friend lockdown special. Please. Trust me this website will be more used if you put that web series. Because it’s one of the most watched web series

  2. Please upload 3 Telugu and 2 Hindi Movies..

    Uppena – 2021
    Check – 2021
    Pogaru – 2021
    Jathi Ratnalu – 2021

    Hindi Movies – 2021
    Mumbai Saga

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